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Trinity Lunch Winter – Meet the Sponsors: Zee Ahmad, Kogenta 

Ahead of the Trinity Lunch Winter 2023, we caught up with  Zee Ahmad, VP of Business Development and Strategy,  Kogenta.

Is this your first Trinity Lunch event and what do you expect from the day?

We were fortunate to be a supporting partner at the summer lunch earlier in the year. The Trinity Lunches are great bellwether events to gauge the mood of the industry.  We are excited to swap notes on successes and challenges faced by our peers and also their gauge their thoughts on the the year ahead 

From conversations and presentations you’ve seen and been part of, what is the industry talking about right now?

Economic headwinds remain an important consideration and it is prudent to be mindful of how macro trends develop, that said we are starting to see cautious optimism returning to the market. 

It is exciting to see how as an industry we are seeking to innovate ourselves into growth. We seem to be at an inflection point for our  industry with solutions geared towards  sustainable innovation in growth channels such as dooh, video and advanced / connected TV whilst looking to move away from MFA and low quality content environments. 

If you were to highlight three topics as being most important to your partners and clients, what would they be?

Adapting to a cookieless approach. As a business our heritage has been around how geography can be used as the basis for a cookieless approach to cross channel activation and insights. This is the primary reason our advertising clients partner with us.  

Omnichannel solutions, Across  agency, dsp, ssp and publisher level clients are keen to identify data and planning solutions that can provide them with actionable insights and outcomes and also identify new prospects across multiple channels. 

Simplicity of activation, In a fragmented ecosystem we see partners seeking out an activation workflow that is as frictionless as possible. A large part of our efforts over  the last 6 months has been partnering with leading players in the CTV,  dooh and curation space to ensure that our data assets are as discoverable as possible 

Is the digital marketing industry ready for the ‘cookieless’ era? 

A recent emarketer report outlined that only 8% of marketers are fully prepared for a clampdown on cookies with 22% saying they are mostly prepared,  so there is still a need for greater education and awareness around building out cookieless strategies. 

Our advice would be to speak to experts in the cookieless space and explore how various solutions (in our case geocontextual) can play a part replacing signal loss from cookies and just as importantly extend the reach and scope of your clients’ consented first party data assets.