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It’s Always Media Thursday: With special guest Christian Muche, CEO & Co-Founder POSSIBLE 

It’s Always Media Thursday is back for Season Three. The new season is innovation free, returning with nothing new but Editor Justin Pearse and Publisher Andy Oakes’s weekly stroll through a week in digital media and marketing.

This week’s discussion touches on sustainability, diversity, the launch of NDA’s Trinity Lunch Scotland, the second NDA IWD lunch, the importance of lunches generally, and NDA’s plans for Cannes 2024, with the launch of our venue Maison NDA for the week.

And this week’s special guest is the founder of POSSIBLE, the irrepressible Christian Muche, to tell us what the second Possible event in Miami has in store.

NDA is media partnering with POSSIBLE again this year and we discuss this year’s celebrity guests like Pitbull, the additions to the event this year, and why POSSIBLE is the industry’s standout flagship event.

“When we bring celebrities on stage we ask them to stay with us through the event and ask them to make sure they speak about are subjects that are directly related to marketers. It’s not just the celebrity name, it’s about what they add to the discussion,” said Muche. “Miami is the perfect intersection of marketing, technology and culture.”