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NDA Meets: Dirk Jacobs, CEO at Adnuntius Asia

Adnuntius is a technology company causing huge waves in the digital publishing industry. As part of a series focusing on the company, we sit down with Dirk Jacobs, CEO at Adnuntius Asia.

We discuss how Adnuntius is working to help publishers and advertisers regain control of digital advertising, ushering in more transparency to deal with the ‘unknown delta’ of advertising budget that simply vanishes in the digital ad supply chain.

The discussion includes the need to address the disconnect between publishers and advertisers; how Adnuntius’s platform is giving publishers access to the SME market, traditionally dominated by Facebook and Google, via its self-service platform; the changing role of the media agency; and how advertisers in South East Asia are increasingly putting on pressure to increase transparency in the digital  marketing

Dirk  also discusses how Adnuntius is building publisher marketplaces in the region, starting with Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam.