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Data collaborations with media partners: experts from News UK, The Telegraph and Sky Media share their advice

In response to a recent survey commissioned by LiveRamp and New Digital Age, only 26% of those questioned believe that their organisation is able to accurately measure channel performance at every stage along the customer journey, and its impact on driving incremental sales, “very well”.

The report – Navigating the Data Collaboration Revolution – features many more marketplace insights, plus expert commentary from media  industry experts, including Bedir Adeymir, Director of Data, News UK; Karen Eccles, Chief Commercial Officer, The Telegraph; and Dan Cohen, Director of Product and Innovation at Sky Media.

Cohen commented: “We recognise the need to collaborate with other data providers to provide the depth of understanding that our advertisers need. Understanding the full funnel is becoming hugely important. That’s going to require data collaboration at lots of different levels between brands, publishers, retailers and other data providers. 

“Quality data is like gold dust for marketers. There’s no question that high quality data, wherever it originates, will be the tool that drives the industry forward.”

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