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Anything is Possible introduces AI-powered Linkedin ad persona builder

Media, Tech and Creative agency Anything is Possible (aip) has launched a new AI-powered tool, AdPersona by aiPete, which harnesses LinkedIn’s Audience Insights API and ChatGPT to streamline and accelerate the process of creating tailored audiences for LinkedIn advertising campaigns. 

Historically, ad campaign teams have grappled with the complexities and inefficiencies of audience creation. This process often presented substantial delays in campaign launch, culminating in subpar ad performance. AdPersona by AiPete aims to rewrite this narrative.

Don Skinner, aip’s CCO, said: “Providing efficient and effective solutions for our clients has always been our top priority. With Ad Persona, we’ve designed a tool that simplifies the audience creation process while significantly enhancing the effectiveness of our clients’ campaigns.”

AdPersona by aiPete resolves the pain points of traditional audience creation methods. Clients or planning teams input their campaign objectives or target audience characteristics in plain text, after which Ad Persona applies LinkedIn’s Audience Insights API to generate four distinct audience personas to inform paid ad campaigns on LinkedIn.

AiPete also provides an overview of the LinkedIn targeting criteria and insights garnered via the LinkedIn Audience Insights API. Additionally, it supplies a user-friendly rationale for each persona choice.

Once approved, AdPersona utilises LinkedIn’s Audience Insight API to push these persona-specific audiences to the client’s ad account, facilitating performance-driven audience testing and ensuring optimal ad campaign performance.

Over time, Anything is Possible is committed to enhancing AdPersona by aiPete’s capabilities further. The roadmap includes incorporating AI-generated visual portraits for enriched persona creation experiences, utilising nearest-equivalent profile taxonomies to leverage LinkedIn’s unmatched professional profile data across other PPC platforms, and integrating persona performance data to better inform persona creation and selection.