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Hootsuite acquires social listening platform Talkwalker

Social media management platform Hootsuite has announced its acquisition of Talkwalker, an AI-powered social listening solution.

The acquisition comes on the back of Hootsuite research which found that only 56% of organisations are truly grasping the business impact and return on investment of their social media strategies. As such, Hootsuite intends to use the addition of Talkwalker to enable its customers to unlock more value from their social media relationships.

According to Hootsuite, its combination with Talkwalker will help its customers to increase brand awareness, drive lead generation, get access to global social listening coverage, harness the power of Talkwalker’s BlueSilk AI models, and benefit from an all-in-one social media performance engine.

“We have had listening for years. But it was industry standard, just like everyone else’s. While that worked then, the industry is entering a new era of social media performance,” said Irina Novoselsky, CEO of Hootsuite. “To achieve this, we’re building a social media performance engine, a feedback loop where AI takes consumer data and generates insights for actionable strategies and measurable impact.

“The combination of the world’s best insights technology, Talkwalker, brought into Hootsuite, leapfrogs the industry into the future of social marketing.”

Launched in 2008, Hootsuite works with more than 200,000 businesses across 200 countries, with EMEA customers including Boots, Nandos, and Bacardi. Meanwhile, Luxembourg-headquartered Talkwalker boasts more than 50% of the Fortune 500 companies as customers.