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How influencer marketing works, a behind the scenes chat

By Alexandra Kuzminova, HR Director at HypeFactory

Influencer managers are at the core of successful Influencer Marketing (IM) campaigns. From finding the right influencers to bringing successful campaigns to life.

Influencer marketing managers are the vital link between brands and influencers

Working with influencers mean you have to keep your eye on the ball 24/7. You need to be able to minimize frictions and maximizing seamless communication. This involves a lot of correlating between influencers, clients, and your team to create maximum campaign impact. In my experience, the most important task is to find the right, personal, approach to managing both the client and influencer. You have to be a great listener – pinpoint what both parties want and provide them with the support and guidance they need throughout the project.

Embracing the technology to free yourself from tedious tasks

Digital tools and automation really help to discover influencers that match the audiences you want to engage with and to get a detailed overview of their accounts, as well as detecting any fraud and to check brand safety. Automation saves a great deal of time – no need to manually go through endless profiles to try and find a match for your campaign, let the AI do that for you. Tech is always evolving, and there’s always some new features coming out enhance your quality of work.

Thinking of starting an influencer marketing career? Here’s how:

You genuinely have to be interested in influencer marketing. The industry is growing exponentially and you need to keep up-to-date with trending news and who the current influencers are.

You have to be agile and prepared to manage massive streams of information. Be patient and calm, especially when running into roadblocks. There’s always a solution to be found, but the ability to see one only comes with experience.

Being a team player is vital. Many of your future colleagues most likely work remotely and across countries. You should be comfortable to engage with them about discuss a campaign or simply to ask advice. Being fluent in more than one language is very beneficial when working in an international setting.

Experience in internet marketing is great, but not a requirement. Stepping into this career is all about leaving your comfort zone and having the courage to dive into something new.

Overcoming the difficulties

Sometimes we have mass releases needing to go out overnight! Your goal is to limit surprises during the launch by doing the needed prep! After that, all that’s left is to grab a coffee and wait for the first release! If anything goes wrong, you have to act quickly. Be vigilant in sporting errors and correcting them. The good news is that you’re never alone. Your team is there to support, especially with overnight launches.

If needed, take a power nap to recharge! With the flexibility of remote working, you can really adapt your schedule to fit your lifestyle – as long as you deliver results. Being online 24/7 can be stressful, but gradually, you start adapting to a new rhythm and even get a thrill out of it.

Digital detox for a better work-life balance

Especially when working odd hours, prioritise disconnecting from the constant flow of information. Go on a hike, do yoga, go sailing – find what works for you to truly reclaim your balance. Try do this completely off the grid where you don’t have internet connect.

Teambuilding activities help to manage stress as a team. For example, unwind by having a film or quiz night and order pizza, go to a ceramic workshop, you name it. You could also try a series of therapy sessions with a psychologist to talk about topics the team selects.

A rewarding experience

Seeing how the brief changes into a creative promo, and being part of the transformation, is priceless. It’s especially thrilling to see positive results and having a client return after a successful campaign!

There is nothing more rewarding for an IM manager than for a campaign to run smooth from start to finish. Each campaign has its lows though! It’s all up to how you choose to face the challenges and what mindset you adopt to overcome hurdles as an IM manager. Stay optimistic is important, when it seems like everything is falling apart, the result might unexpectedly exceed your expectations!

Aiming for the best results possible, having the right mindset, and being passionate about what you do is the secret to success.

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