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Reddit user interactions triple in five years to hit 2.9 Billion

New figures reveal that Reddit‘s network of communities has swelled over the past years, with more people than ever using the platform to post, vote, and comment on topics of their interests.

According to data presented by, Reddit user interactions have tripled over the past five years and hit more than 2.9 billion in 2022.

Today, more than 57 million people worldwide use Reddit daily to post, vote, and comment in communities organized around their interests. Over the past eighteen years, the platform has become home to investment advice and stock tips, celebrity interviews, the internet’s cutest animals, niche hobby discussions, and anything in between.

With such a wide range of topics and millions of new users joining the platform each year, Reddit’s user interactions, including comments, upvotes, and downvotes, have skyrocketed.

According to Statista and official Reddit data, in 2017, the social aggregator and discussion forum had around 900 million user interactions on its platform. A year later, Redditor made 33% more comments, upvotes, and downvotes, with the total user interactions reaching 1.2 billion. Statistics show 2021 saw the biggest year-over-year growth, driven by the surging use of the platform amid the Covid-19 lockdowns. That year alone, Redditors made 1.7 billion comments and votes, or 41% more than the year before. Although 2020 and 2021 saw much smaller growth rates of 17% and 15%, total user interactions still jumped to over 2.3 billion. This figure grew by another 24% and hit 2.86 billion in 2022, the highest number in the platform’s history.

Statistics show Reddit user interactions grew by an average of 380 million per year between 2017 and 2022.

Although 2022 has seen the highest number of comments and votes on Reddit so far, the following years might set a new record. With millions of people joining Reddit each year, user interactions will definitely continue growing.

Statista and BusinessofApps data show the platform is expected to hit 62.2 million active daily users in 2024, or five million more than this year. By 2025, this figure will touch nearly 70 million worldwide.