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CMO Confidential: Matt Barwell, CMO, Britvic

CMO Confidential is a podcast series on NDA where we talk to CMOs who, while not digital in job title, have digital understanding and experience embedded in their DNA.

In this episode, we sit down with Matt Barwell, CMO at Britvic.

He talks about Britvic’s fascinating digital in-housing journey. “If you can to our Infused studio, you wouldn’t be able to tell who’s a Britvic employee and who works for The & Partnership. They come together to create a muscle that is deeply embedded in the organisation. We’re also doing a huge amount of work digitally upskilling our own employees.” 

The conversation covers topics including why a CMO’s role is inherently focused not just on growth but on long-term sustainable growth, how Britvic is growing its data literacy, the “massive opportunity” offered by social media in customer engagement and how it has made the fundamentals of marketing even more important.