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Futureproofing your digital strategies

By Artiom Enkov, Head of Insights at Nano Interactive

With the advertising industry searching for solutions ahead of the approaching deprecation of the third-party cookie, it’s a good time to pause and re-evaluate what advertisers should strive for when influencing consumers in 2022.

Right moment, right ad

Traditionally, advertisers used cookies to target audiences based on their recent browsing behaviours. Whilst this drives results, the latency in the ad served to purchase journey stage has inevitably led to wasted spend. I think we can all attest to being retargeted by a product that we’ve already purchased a couple weeks prior!

This is exactly why meeting the consumer during the moment of consideration and evaluation is paramount to campaign success. For instance, if you’re a gaming publisher wanting to build consumer awareness around an upcoming game title release it makes a lot of sense to intercept consumers who are actively researching ‘upcoming ps5 games’ or competing game titles that are being released around the same time window.

This type of precision targeting, enabled by Nano’s understanding of live intent, removes the need for prospecting, greatly improving campaign efficiencies as a result, all whilst being completely respectful of user privacy as there’s no need for any user’s personal data.

Intent-driven strategic foundations

Understanding the full audience intent opportunity is increasingly playing a pivotal role in strategic campaign planning. After all, an export of just your Google Ads campaign keywords will only take your targeting so far and, as we’ve learned, a vast amount of generic and competitor intents are regularly missed through the process.

At Nano, we sit on a vast intent dataset, powered by our Contexta platform, which allows us to build a deep understanding of your brand, competitor, generic and affinity sector intents relevant to the campaign. This deep foundation allows us to slice and dice the overall audience opportunity into bespoke audience segments for accurate targeting and powerful mid-campaign and creative testing capabilities.

So how does this work in practice? By having a deep understanding of the gaming & entertainment sector, that spans all game titles from 2021 to 2022, game genres, game developers, publishers, game consoles and informational sub-intents, we were able to consult a leading game publisher on their audience strategy.

Firstly, by looking at game title demand seasonality, we were able to confirm the short but high opportunity peaks aligning with the game titles’ release dates. However, this insight didn’t only help when planning campaign flighting for success, but also highlighted that building live-intent awareness across competitor publisher releases in same timeframe as a key awareness conquesting opportunity.

Secondly, by taking live-intent informational semantics such as ‘best’ or ‘reviews’ into account, we were also able to create an opportunity for creative split tests, where customers actively researching ‘best racing games’ could be met in their intent with a game creative that includes positive 4/5-star press and critic reviews.

Lastly, by overlaying this deep understanding of the game intent landscape in audience targeting with next-gen contextual signals such as content semantics and sentiment analysis during activation, we can ensure that we drive the best performance possible. For our game publisher partner, positive and negative sentiment layering offered a way to ensure that their upcoming title release only displayed across positive and neutral target gaming intents, reducing the need to rely on cumbersome and reach-restricting whitelists.

Are you ready?

As the transition into the fully cookieless world quickly approaches, it’s important for advertisers to accelerate partner testing and get set up for success. At Nano, our unique live-intent targeting and advanced contextual proposition can help you futureproof your digital strategies and drive performance.