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Masters of Media: Tom Greenlees, Head of Digital Media, Coca-Cola

NDA’s podcast series, Masters of Media talks to heads of media at brands to understand how advertisers are able to keep pace with the frenetic speed of development of media and its fragmentation across channels. Next up is Tom Greenlees, Head of Digital Media & Influencer Strategy at The Coca-Cola Company.

Tom discusses how the role of media today is “moving from functionality to effectiveness”.

The conversation includes the changing role of agency relationships: “Agencies need to understand consumers more than ever before. Our partners need to understand an ever-growing Gen Z marketplace and how consumers want to engage with brands.”

And his role driving the changing role of influencer relations within Coca-Cola: “To increase the focus on long-term collaborations and partnerships and change the perception of influencers as only a paid-for media channel to focus more on partnerships. And the roles influencers play within the end-to-end framework for each campaign.”

Amid much more, we also find out why Tom is so excited about the development of the metaverse:  “At the moment there are a lot of brands doing it because it’s the latest thing and doing it wrong, which we can learn from. But it is going to be the new did playground for most brands.”