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The NDA Digital Leaders Podcast: Rhea Fox, Digital Director, Paperchase

What does the role of Head of Digital or Digital Director at a brand mean today? In a world where the phrase ‘everything is digital now’ is commonplace, what advantage does such a dedicated role give to brands trying to navigate the frantic and fragmented digital landscape to get closer to their customers?

NDA’s new podcast series Digital Leaders meets Heads of Digital, Digital Directors and Chief Digital Officers at brands to find out what the role means today and how they’re using digital to get closer to their customers.

We meet with Rhea Fox, Digital Director, Paperchase to launch the series. “The confusion around the role is significant. I get invited to ecommerce, CMO, and IT conferences; it can be hard to know where you belong in this role,” says Fox. “And I’d say you belong in all these worlds, as a digital leader role is about driving digital growth and revenue. To do that, you need to identify the big strategic goals and the daily optimisation that enables that to happen. It’s only by taking bird’s eye view, end to end that you can do that.”

The discussion discovers how she does that and examines what the role means for brands’ ability to engage more effectively with their customers.