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2020 Visions: Raising the power of craft in digital advertising

 As we head into what is set to be a seminal year for the digital industry, NDA has been talking to leaders across the market to hear their thoughts on what 2020 holds.

Wayne Deakin is Executive Creative Director at digital agency Huge, which he joined in April 2018, previously being Executive Creative Director at AKQA.

What has been the most important development of 2019 in the digital industry and your professional highlight of the last decade?

This is a hard question to answer as lots of things have popped up or been reinvented this year but I think the power of 5G becoming a reality is super exciting.

It’s maybe not the sexiest thing but the access and performance this will empower in the digital world is like moving from black and white TV to HD colour.

My personal highlights are the many world-first pieces of work I’ve been able to help make happen for clients. 

What are you most excited about in digital in 2020?

I’m most excited about brands finally seeing the power of craft in digital to touch and connect people.

Old school CMOs are now seeing that digital can have more impact l and be as meaningful as traditional thinking and channels. I am excited about pushing that.

Why should advertisers be excited about digital in 2020?

Connecting the dots.

There’s been so much disruption and silos but the brands that are rocketing ahead are those that are connecting and putting customers at the heart of their narrative.

That unified thinking is the approach that makes great work and rewards for business and customers.

We are seeing a plethora of new companies entering the space. Other than your own company, who are you most excited about?

Huge of course. We’re working with Europe’s most ambitious brands. The London office is now growing and I am excited that we are now being talked about as challenging the legacy players in the EMEA market and living up the 20 years of great work the rest of Huge overseas have been doing.

I am not really excited about many others in the market to be honest. Advertising agencies are trying to become digital but failing, consulting firms talk a good game but can’t craft, and the bigger digital agencies are losing their mojo.

Clients are making better products than a lot of other agencies.

What is your one Christmas Wish for the digital industry?

Unplug the internet, have a break and be human for a week. Digital is a 24/7 business, so I hope others get some chill time.