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NDA in 2021. We want you to get involved.

In just two years, NDA has gone from being the result of a conversation in a pub to becoming one of the most influential titles in the media, marketing and adtech space. 

Thanks to the support of the industry and through our continued commitment to quality content, positive collaborations and showcasing the best people and companies the industry has to offer we’ve seen our audience growth accelerate on the site, via our newsletter and across our social channels.

This growth, along with feedback from some of the most respected names in digital marketing has helped us to not only shape the future of NDA but have a positive impact on the industry itself through platforms like My Digital Hero and partnerships like Practice Makes Unperfect.

Now more than ever, we see our role as championing the industry, highlighting some of the great work and the great people. And whilst we always like to feature the big names, we are proud of our commitment to give a platform to more unfamiliar voices via Practice Makes Unperfect.

To provide focus we have planned our H1 activity and we’d like to invite you to take part as partners, contributors and peers.

First up, Focus Months – taking a deeper dive into areas of digital marketing and highlighting the opportunities for brands and publishers through content.

January – Mobile

February – Publishing

March – Social

April – E-Commerce

May – Martech

June – Data

Pitching events – Four partners meet four judges who are actively looking for new solutions. Your chance for virtual face to face with senior contacts.


February – Publishers 

May – Media Agencies

We may also have a few surprises planned that will help bring people together, generate real conversations and connections but those will be announced in due time.

If you’d like to talk about how NDA could work as part of your marketing mix, help you showcase your business through content, creativity and conversation then get in touch.

We’d love to hear from you and hopefully work with you in 2021.

To talk to us, in the first instance mail