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Tech for Good : Superpow!

A mental health startup from London has been selected as part of a leading accelerator programme focusing on digital health.  

Superpow! is an app which aims to reduce barriers to accessing quality therapy, in part by pairing users with therapists from a similar cultural background. The online platform was co-founded by two friends, Gabriel Birgaoanu and Andrei Stoica, who were motivated to create the app after experiencing their own mental health challenges as well as issues accessing culturally appropriate therapy services.

Among other features, Superpow! enables its users to choose therapists from similar cultural backgrounds if they wish. It also offers high levels of payment flexibility, not requiring users to subscribe for any length of time or number of sessions. The app is currently in the final stages of development and will available on the App Store and Google Play.

Following a recent successful funding round which saw the app raise more than £50,000 for development and marketing, the tech startup has now been included in HealthInc’s cohort for 2021.

HealthInc is a digital health accelerator programme based out of Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Created by Amsterdam Health and Technology Institute and the founders of Startupbootcamp, HealthInc helps ambitious entrepreneurs enter markets and improve healthcare. 

Andrei Stoica, co-founder of Superpow! said:

“This is an incredibly exciting time for Superpow!. Being included on HealthInc’s accelerator programme will enable us to enter the market in the strongest possible way and provide high-quality, flexible and accessible therapy for everyone who wants it.”

Lee Greene, managing director of HealthInc said: 

“We are excited to start our second HealthInc program with a new cohort of innovative healthtech startups. This year the program will take place mainly online with help of the new online platform by Startupbootcamp, Accelerator Squared, enriched with knowledge from our partners in the health domain.”


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