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Azerion UK integrates Inskin and Sublime

Almost a year after making its official entry into the UK market, Azerion has created a “Bigger, Better” Azerion UK by fully integrating its recent Inskin and Sublime acquisitions.

At an event in the heart of London, Azerion unveiled what the integration would mean for the future of the UK arm of the business, explaining the company’s proposition which combines creative, content, first-party data, contextual insights, programmatic capabilities, and a proprietary SSP.

“In a world of fewer, bigger, better, we believe that we are perfectly placed to add even more value to all partners out there. And it doesn’t matter whether you’re an agency, whether you’re a client, or whether you’re a publisher,” said Dominic Woolfe, Chief Executive Officer at Azerion UK.

“Azerion is an amazing company, and I’m delighted to have the opportunity to lead it in the UK.”

Sebastiaan Moesman, CRO & CSO at Azerion, added: “This world is not about the technology. Technology is just a means to an end. I really think and truly believe that. We need people to talk to people, and take ownership of what’s happening. Collective, Sublime, and Inskin are perfect examples of this. Those are companies that we acquired solely for the people that were in there. These people are able to help you with the campaign, do the creative, and make something meaningful.”

Azerion UK’s Director of Strategy, Insight, and Marketing, Paul Lowrey, presented the company’s desire to be at the forefront of addressing the challenges currently faced by the industry. He highlighted the cost-of-living crisis, increasing care about social issues, ecommerce growth, growth of gaming, and changes in online privacy and safety as being the key considerations for brands and publishers at the moment.

“There are a lot of things for brands to think about. When it comes to the rules that were established from many years of successful marketing, the apple cart has essentially been upset and overturned over the last two years. As such, everyone – whether you’re an agency, [brand] or publisher – has to adapt to the consumer and technological changes of the time,” said Lowrey.

In this changing world, Azerion has noticed that its partners need to achieve three goals on every campaign: secure attention, improve their brand, and deliver performance.

“This isn’t just us talking about it. This is created from conversations with people, like yourselves, in this room. And, at the moment, you cannot move in the industry without talking about these issues. About how the value of attention, the value of brand, and the value of performance is being redefined as these silos move closer together, Lowrey continued.

“The evidence is all around us at the moment. And we firmly believe that these three pillars will create the next evolution in digital advertising.”

Anna Forbes, COO at Azerion UK, followed up, saying: “These are quite turbulent times at the moment, and we are listening. What you need is committed partners throughout that. Someone that can help you with that growth, and help make you look good as well. So, together, we can build a platform that puts attention, brand, and performance at the very heart of every single campaign.”

Azerion does this by placing its Marketplace at the heart of everything it does. The Azerion Marketplace is where the company’s 16,000 owned and operated games, providing supply inventory for advertisers.  

The Marketplace is built on four layers: insights, via Azerion Intelligence; creative, via Azerion Ad Studio; audiences, providing the ability to target consumers using cookieless technology; and trust – Azerion partners with independent verification platforms.

“We’re bigger and better together… We’ve competed with Inskin and Sublime, but there’s no doubt that actually we can offer more value to you together. And that’s done. We’re showing that day in, day out,” said Woolfe.

“But what I think is the most important thing is that we’re part of the world’s fastest growing entertainment and media platform. It’s fine to just say that, but what do we mean by that? Ultimately, what we want to do is we want to compete head-to-head, locally with the American ad tech partners. And we believe that we’re in a unique position to do that.”

*Azerion is a client of Bluestripe Communications, owned by Bluestripe Group, owner of NDA