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Canadian landscape overlaid with text saying, "discover Canada through music and sound: From city beats to nature escapes"

Destination Canada partners with Spotify to boost tourism ‘through music and sound’

Destination Canada, the North American nation’s official tourism board, has teamed up with Spotify to use the power of audio to inspire Europeans to visit the world’s second largest country.

The campaign encourages listeners in the UK, France, and Germany to ‘discover Canada through music and sound’ by inviting users to choose between two options. The ‘Turn It Up’ option matches listeners with a Canadian city based on their music tastes, and serves up a personalised playlist, as well as commentary from Billboard’s Karen Bliss, who explores what the music scene looked like throughout the history of each city.

Meanwhile, the ‘Take a Breath’ option matches users to relaxing nature getaway sites in Canada, such as The Rockies and the Rugged West Coast. And, in a ‘Spotify-first’, health and wellness influencers – including Stevin Tuchiwsky (Calgary), Jeanne Rodneau-Ducharme (Quebec), Hayley Gendron (Vancouver) and Zehra Allibhai (Toronto) – have created a series of guided meditation walks, recorded in real-time using 3D audio.

“Destination Canada is excited and proud to have worked in partnership with Spotify on launching their first Destination led campaign,” said Gloria Loree, Senior Vice President, Marketing Strategy & Chief Marketing Officer at Destination Canada. “Leaning into connecting our target audience with a timely message about taking the time to breath and experience Canada’s outdoors through guided audio meditative walks, and contrasting that with turning it up in our cities through Spotify playlists, we feel is a great way to showcase Canada in a unique way and inspire the Spotify audience to dig deeper and book a 2023 trip to Canada. We look forward to delving into the data and taking our learnings to develop the campaign further.”

Rak Patel, Head of Enterprise Sales, EMEA at Spotify, added: “People come to Spotify to experience inspiration and discovery, and this creative campaign showcases the power of that mindset. With a focus on personalisation, education and engagement, this campaign demonstrates how audio can engage and transport listeners to another destination. ‘Discover Canada through Music and Sound’ is an inspiring call to action and a strong example of the innovative ways that brands can tap into digital audio.”