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IMPACT+ launches in the UK with Azerion to tackle carbon emissions in online advertising

IMPACT+ has announced a partnership with Azerion UK to drive efforts to limit the impact of digital ad campaigns on the environment.

IMPACT+ works with brands including L’Oréal, Heineken, Nestlé and BMW and the company also partners with major agencies and ad networks to measure and reduce the environmental impact of campaigns on their platforms.

The partnership will allow brand and agency clients of Azerion a better understanding of the environmental footprint of projects run via its technology stack. This will include insight into their campaigns’ electricity consumption and Greenhouse Gas emissions, as well as the actions they can take to reduce them.

Discussing the company’s international development and its partnership with Azerion, Vincent Villaret, CEO, IMPACT+ commented: “We are incredibly proud of our success to date and this partnership with one of the industry’s biggest ad network players marks an important step in our journey. As the urgency to tackle the climate crisis intensifies, the ad industry must address the considerable role it has to play in it. We’re also very pleased to be expanding into the UK with Sahra, who will be an extremely valuable asset to help our clients make a lasting impact.”

“Building on our many relationships with leading advertisers to drive a positive impact is something we’re excited to be able to do,” added Megan Cross, International Account Director and Head of Sustainability at Azerion UK. “Understanding how to make digital advertising more sustainable is a huge challenge for all of us in the industry. So partnerships like this are crucial for us to further develop our decarbonisation strategy and reduce emissions from the supply chain. With our objective to measure, reduce, remove and report,  IMPACT+ is helping us to empower our clients and partners to measure their emissions and actively reduce them through concrete actions that won’t affect performance.”

Sahra Monfort, Head of Brand & Agency Partnerships, UK & International at IMPACT+ also commented: “The UK market is a leading driver of change in the ad industry and opens access to a wide variety of global brands for us. As we continue to progress our mission to not only educate industry players on their environmental impact, but also recommend changes to address emissions from their digital campaigns, the partnership with Azerion represents a new era for us. We’re excited to be driving positive environmental impact and strengthening our work with the best-known players in the ad industry.”

Azerion UK is a client of Bluestripe Communications. part of The Bluestripe Group, publishers of New Digital Age


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