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Madfest Insights: Keep to your brand ethos says Tom Kerridge

Chef/Restaurateur and Broadcaster Tom Kerridge and Restaurant Critic and Broadcaster Jay Rayner discussed how creativity in the kitchen can transfer to creativity in business.

One of the key ideas discussed by Kerridge and Rayner was brand identity. Kerridge has been open about how the idea of a personal brand makes him uncomfortable, predominantly because of the many people reliant upon his brand for their livelihoods. As a chef he’s aware that some chefs have different public and private personas, often becoming caricatures, and this is something he has worked hard to avoid. “I always question how my actions will affect my team”, said Kerridge, “it so important to keep to my brand ethos.”

Expanding on the theme of partnerships, which has been prevalent this week, Kerridge then went on to talk about his recent collaboration with M&S, and how their great ethics and brand ethos made him comfortable choosing them as a partner. “I always question who will benefit from the content I’m creating”, he said, a good lesson for all marketers.