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Marketing the Marketers: Taylor Dunn, Head of Marketing, MTM

NDA’s Marketing the Marketers series talks to the marketing and comms leaders behind the success of our leading companies. Next up is Taylor Dunn. Head of Marketing at agency MTM.

What exactly does your job entail?

As Head of Marketing for MTM, I oversee the development and execution of all marketing strategies and initiatives. This includes managing our brand identity, creating compelling content, driving lead generation, and measuring campaign effectiveness. I work closely with various teams across the company, including research, strategy, and consulting, to ensure our marketing efforts are aligned with our overall business goals.

What campaign or piece of marketing/communications are you most proud of in your career and why?

I’m particularly proud of HEART, a marketing campaign to launch the HEART growth framework. The content straddles behavioural science and 1P data in a really creative way, you can see the interactive eguide here

Who has been your biggest inspiration in your career to date and why?

Throughout my career, I’ve been fortunate to learn from exceptional leaders and mentors, both women and men. Their diverse perspectives and experiences have collectively shaped my approach to marketing.

What is the biggest challenge in your sector and how is your company helping to address it?

One of the biggest challenges in our sector is undoubtedly navigating the evolving landscape of data privacy regulations and audience fragmentation. At MTM, we firmly believe in the power of privacy-centric marketing. That’s why we’re addressing this challenge by developing innovative research methods that prioritise user privacy while still providing valuable insights.

How important, and why, are the following in helping your promote your own company:

  • The press: The press is crucial for building brand awareness and credibility. Positive media coverage can reach a wide audience and establish MTM as a thought leader in the industry.
  • Events: Events allow us to connect with potential clients and partners on a personal level. They provide a platform to showcase our expertise and build relationships.
  • Your company’s owned media: Our owned media, such as our website and LinkedIn, allows us to control the message and provide valuable content to our target audience. It’s a powerful tool for lead generation and establishing relationships.