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Marketing the Marketers: Robbert van der Pluijm, Head of Marketing, Permutive

Robbert van der Pluijm is Head of Marketing, Permutive. In the latest in our Marketing the Marketers series, focusing on the people behind some of our industry’s most exciting companies, we find out how Rob is helping Permutive be so successful.

What exactly does your job entail?

As the Head of Marketing, my role involves spearheading the development and execution of our marketing plans. These plans are crafted not only to create new sales opportunities but also to expedite existing sales cycles. I orchestrate collaboration within the team to achieve these objectives.

What campaign or piece of marketing/communications are you most proud of in your career and why?

One of the standout moments in my career was leading the swift transformation of an in-person summit to a fully virtual event at the onset of the 2020 lockdown.

This achievement stands out not only because it showcased our team’s adaptability and determination during challenging times but also due to the exceptional support provided to speakers and the impressive attendance numbers we achieved. It was a testament to our ability to pivot seamlessly in response to unforeseen circumstances.

Who has been your biggest inspiration in your career to date and why?

Morika Georgieva, currently the Director of Customer Success and Technical Services at Permutive, has been my greatest inspiration. Her unwavering commitment to enhancing team structure, culture, and processes sets her apart.

Witnessing her continual growth, driven by a relentless pursuit of learning and a focus on developing people’s skills, has been a motivating force in my own career journey.

What is the biggest challenge in your sector and how is your company helping to address it?

The primary challenge in our sector lies in the concentration of digital advertising revenue among a few major players. With Google, Meta, and Amazon commanding 64% of the market, there isn’t much left to support open, expert journalism.

However, a shift in the digital advertising landscape presents an opportunity for publishers to grow their revenue. As data privacy and regulation reset the industry, publishers can enable advertisers to target consumers with precision and scale while safeguarding data privacy. This, in addition to offering a more brand-safe, relevant, credible, and trustworthy alternative to other platforms.

To build the necessary audiences, develop insights to win more advertising campaigns, grow re-bookings, and foster deeper relationships with advertisers, Permutive provides publishers with a first-class, privacy-first data management platform.

How important, and why, are the following in helping your promote your own company – press, events and your company’s owned media:

In the dynamic ad tech industry, where constant evolution and stiff competition are the norm, educating our audience about industry trends and our unique position is paramount. Thought leadership pieces in reputable trade press play a crucial role in maintaining top-of-mind awareness among businesses, positioning us as a go-to solution when they are ready to make a purchase. 

While our website serves as a platform to communicate our offerings and showcase customer case studies, events have proven to be instrumental in customer and prospect engagement. Notably, smaller, more intimate gatherings with a focus on content and informal networking have been particularly effective in persuading prospects that Permutive is the preferred solution.

*Permutive is a client of Bluestripe Communications, owned by Bluestripe Group, the publisher of NDA.