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eyeo launches Crumbs to deliver a “new deal” between websites, users and advertisers

eyeo, the maker of Adblock Plus, has unveiled its latest ‘user data management’ solution, Crumbs, which the company claims offers a sustainable digital advertising alternative for the post-third-party cookie world.

Crumbs combines two different aspects of the online economy, offering users high-end privacy features at no monetary cost, while giving advertisers a data-driven, digital advertising solution. Fully compatible with programmatic bidding and private by design, Crumbs encourages users’ endorsement with tangible tools that help indicate their explicit preferences in a data-driven advertising environment, while maintaining their complete anonymity.

Rotem Dar, Director of Media Operations at eyeo, said: “Apart from ‘pandemic’, ‘privacy’ was the most important word in digital advertising in 2020. Increasing consumer understanding of how data is being shared for advertising purposes, legislation like GDPR and CCPA, among others, as well as moves by browser makers to depreciate third-party tracking cookies created a new reality: the privacy-focused web. Advertising technologies must adapt to this new, more private world.

“Users’ browsing data remains safe on their devices and their online identity and individuality are protected from cross-site matching, thus fulfilling the spirit of privacy legislation by allowing users to control how their data is being collected and used.”

“Key to this new reality is that targeting simply will not work if users are not involved. There needs to be a solution that guarantees a ‘new deal’ between users, websites and advertisers; this is why we have developed Crumbs.

The demise of the third-party cookie continues to dominate industry conversations and Google this week announced it will launch  in April new software in the latest version of Chrome that will include a new on-off switch for its Privacy Sandbox initiative.