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NDA meets Annika Bizon of Samsung to discuss the Galaxy S23 launch: “Can you send me that?”

Samsung has unveiled a major new ad campaign to launch its latest smartphone models, the Galaxy S23 series. Focusing on the enhanced capabilities of the phone’s camera, the most powerful ever seen in a Samsung phone, the campaign puts social sharing front-and-centre with its memorable catchphrase “Can you send me that?”

New Digital Age chatted recently with Annika Bizon, Marketing and Omnichannel Director at Samsung Electronics UK, to discuss the launch in more detail.

Are you excited about the launch of the S23?

Absolutely, this is an exciting moment for our business. It’s our first major launch since the pandemic that all our contact centres and retail outlets have been open as usual . During the lockdowns, of course, smartphones became more integral to all our lives. These new models have been designed around contemporary customer expectations of a smartphone, both at work and play.

We know what our customers crave – more storage, ground-breaking camera technology and an intuitive, seamless experience – and the new Galaxy S23 series undoubtedly delivers. It’s our most advanced mobile technology to date.

The TV campaign focuses heavily on the capabilities of the phone’s camera. Why did you decide to do that?

The S23 Ultra offers Samsung Galaxy’s most advanced camera system, tailored for nearly any lighting conditions, meaning anyone can capture a great shot whether they are filming a song at a concert or taking a group shot of friends at dinner. 

With this launch, we were keen to highlight not just what features our devices have, but what they can empower users to achieve. For example, every group of friends has an unofficial photographer who is always the one to record key moments. With our new camera capabilities, the Galaxy S23 Series will offer our customers more social currency, as owners can expect to be asked ‘Can you send me that?’ on a regular basis when it comes to the photos they capture.  

We also have a big partnership with ITV coming up on Saturday nights that will see Fleur East and Olly Murs being set live challenges around London that demonstrate what the S23 series can do in a fun and playful way.

Gaming seems to be another big focus area of the launch campaign. Why is that? 

We’re really proud of our Qualcomm processor, which really leans into gaming. With the S23 series, we can credibly talk to gamers and say this is one of the fastest processors around, and lean into partnerships with platforms like Twitch and gaming influencers, which is something we haven’t done much of before. 

The gaming community is actually a collection of many different micro-communities, each with their own habits and behaviours, none more so than the mobile gaming community. By doubling down on our work with influencers and brand ambassadors, we can start to build an authentic narrative with those communities.