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Hivestack identifies key trends for digital out of home in 2023

Header bidding, creative optimisation and the metaverse will be among the big talking points for the digital out of home (DOOH) advertising industry in 2023, according to a new trends report from Hivestack.

Despite a tumultuous year for the global economy, DOOH has again proven its agility and resilience, with investment in DOOH campaigns continuing to grow year-on-year. With programmatic advertising at the heart of this growth, Hivestack predicts that technological advances will support further increases in investment this year.

Key among these will be header bidding, a programmatic advertising auction framework where publishers offer their inventory on multiple advertising exchanges/SSPs simultaneously in real time, maximising yield. Likewise, the growing popularity of the metaverse is opening up new possibilities for publishers and brands to leverage the power of DOOH in virtual environments.

Hivestack’s Lee Cutter (VP, Demand | UK & Emerging Markets) commented: “2023 will be the year that header bidding becomes mainstream in DOOH. As the unified auction framework becomes commonplace, competition for inventory will rise through the competitive bidding process. Publishers benefit from an increase in yield and buyers benefit by having greater access to premium inventory. 

“What’s more, our early research has found that the same ad request/response technology that powers physical screen monetization can also be used for metaverse retail environments, which is an exciting development.” 

The report also highlights the increasing use of Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) in DOOH, allowing marketers to capitalise on a consumer’s state of mind in real-time, and the emergence of innovative formats such as audio OOH and anamorphic 3D video. The use of  data for precision targeting, the growth of CTV, and the demand for greater sustainability are also considered in more detail in relation to the development of DOOH in 2023.

Cutter  said: “DOOH continues to open the lines of communication for advertisers to speak to their target audiences anywhere in the world, many screens at a time.”

You can download the full report here.


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