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Spotify promotes “psychic” feature with London OOH campaign

To support the debut of its Song Psychic feature, Spotify has launched a creative marketing campaign across out-of-home and social.

The campaign features a combination of static and video content around key locations in London – including Shoreditch, Battersea Park, Oxford Street, Soho, and across the London Underground – alongside ads across the UK on social media.

These ads highlight everyday questions that audiences may be asking themselves – such as “Do I spend too much money on coffee?”, “Will I make the next train?”, and “Is my outfit cute?” – before answering those questions with a song recommendation.

Inspired by fortune telling, decision fatigue, and the almost 250,000 psychic-related playlists that have been created on Spotify, the Song Psychic feature is aimed at bringing some fun and interactivity to the song recommendations process.

Spotify users are able to choose from a selection of pre-populated questions from nine topics, including school, style, lunch, love, career, myself, my future, friends & family, and life’s greatest mysteries.

A “contemplation screen” is then shown as the feature works to find a song that answers the question. One the answer appears, the user can either listen to the song, ask another question, or share the results on social media.