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Media 101: Making sense of programmatic OOH

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The fast-moving nature of this industry means that even the most digitally experienced may well not be fully up to speed with sectors outside their day-to-day area of focus.

Which is why NDA has launched our Media 101 podcast series. We’ll be talking to experts across the industry for a deep dive into different sectors.

Out-of-home is one the oldest ad mediums but it’s being supercharged by programmatic technologies to make programmatic OOH one of the most dynamic and burgeoning areas of our industry,

To launch NDA’s Media 101, we sit down with VIOOH’s Global Business Lead, Jem Djemal for an introductory briefing on the opportunities offered by programmatic OOH.

Topics covered include: trends, especially consumer behavioural trends, driving its growth; the main challenges of leveraging programmatic DOOH and how they can be overcome; how programmatic DOOH can be deployed as part of an omnichannel campaign; how it is most effectively integrated with other channels like audio or CTV; how it fits into clients’ existing attribution and effectiveness models; the biggest challenges around audience targeting & campaign measurement; and the state of creativity in programmatic OOH, especially DCO.


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