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Footballco’s Mundial partners with loyalty company Ludo

Footballco has partnered with loyalty company Ludo to enhance and reward subscribers of its cult football lifestyle publication, MUNDIAL.

Footballco-owned MUNDIAL is the publisher of the quarterly football magazine MUNDIAL and the ‘Reminding You Why You Love Football’ podcast. MUNDIAL also produces long-form football documentaries and creates original fashion and lifestyle products.

Founded by Forbes 30-Under-30 recipients Annie Reardon and Renee Russo, Ludo is a bespoke rewards and loyalty program that works with brands such as Barbie, Forever 21, Neopets, and HAPPYBOND, among others. Ludo claims to be “the only ecommerce tech stack that is a gamified and unique loyalty program, connecting with customers across the eight different touchpoints they interact with daily.”

MUNDIAL say that the partnership will enable them to reward its fans when they engage with the brand across all touchpoints such as social media, purchasing projects or getting involved in its recently released members-only Discord channel. Members will earn points by posting and commenting in the Discord and can receive additional points for following the podcast, interacting with the brand on social media, referring new members, and more. Points collected through these interactions can be redeemed in MUNDIAL’s store as well as partner stores and retailers. Together these services become a new offering called Club MUNDIAL. 

Owen Blackhurst, co-founder of MUNDIAL said: “There has always been a social side to MUNDIAL. Some of our best memories since day one involve packed event spaces, local DJs, and long nights in cities across Europe. But even with multiple events a year — which we will continue to do — there was always a gap.

“Genuine interaction and community is harder to find on mass social channels. We want to create a space for people like us. A place to share stories of grounds visited, shirts purchased, and the goals we’ve missed by going to the bar early.” 

James Lamon, executive vice president of content and operations at Footballco said:  “In an era of cheap scale, publishers must engage audiences more meaningfully. We believe the two-way street between publisher and audience needs to evolve into a network of many connection points. This is the difference between engaging an audience member and creating a fan.

“We are building this network for MUNDIAL by offering our subscribers real value in the form of community. We are building a place where subscribers can engage with other like-minded football fans.

“In return fans will be rewarded with discounts from MUNDIAL and partner brands. Ludo’s technology enables this connectivity with ease, making the community value a tangible good. Working with Ludo is key to supporting our community long term.”