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Co-op enhances retail media offering with LiveRamp

Co-op, one of the world’s largest consumer co-operatives, has entered into a partnership with data collaboration platform LiveRamp in order to enhance its retail media offering.

Co-op will utilise LiveRamp’s technology to better leverage the first-party data of its members, improving the targeting of paid digital media across its grocery, insurance, and rapid food delivery businesses.

The member-owned organisation will also be able support its range of suppliers with better opportunities to connect their brands with relevant Co-op shoppers in offsite retail media channels, helping these suppliers to reduce their media waste.

“At Co-op, we’re investing in our retail media business to ensure we’re connecting our members to the missions and categories they engage with and for our partner brands to have the insight they need to succeed in the omnichannel customer journey,” said Kenyatte Nelson, Chief Membership & Customer Officer at Co-op.

“With LiveRamp, we can manage everything in our own media sales house with easy activations and this new partnership will enable brands to deliver the best customer experience to Co-op members and customers, resulting in better campaign success.”

Thanks to a recent overhaul of its membership offering, which tripled weekly sign-ups, Co-op now has more than 4.8 million active members, creating an even richer store of first-party data to power its retail media offering.

“Co-op is a well-established and diverse business with massive potential to unlock in its first-party data. We’re delighted to be partnering with them as the business expands its retail media with privacy-focused data collaboration that everyone in the Co-op ecosystem will benefit from, helping brands to better understand their customers’ needs, market to them more effectively and truly understand the efficacy of their investment,” said Hugh Stevens, MD UK at LiveRamp.

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