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Retail Media start-up Vector launches with an environmental message at its core

Vector, a retail media start-up has launched today, with over half a million pounds in investment from an independent group of investors.

Founded by well-known industry figures, Rupert Staines and Dan Brown, Vector is designed to elevate and scale brands at pace, by harnessing the power of Amazon’s ecosystem. The start-up says they will leverage “cutting-edge advertising technologies and AI to enhance these services,” supported by partnerships with leading MarTech providers Perpetua, Carpio and Skai.

Vector’s core proposition is divided into two distinct pillars.

  • Amazon Audience Media: This solution capitalises on Amazon’s unparalleled first-party consumer purchasing data and the Amazon Marketing Cloud, to create tailored marketing and advertising campaigns.
  • Marketplace Management: A service dedicated to brands selling directly through Amazon, it utilises data to optimise both front and back-end operations for enhanced discoverability.

Vector is already working with seven brands at launch. This includes launching a prominent US brand’s expansion into Amazon Germany to establish a strong presence and drive sales, as well as leveraging extensive Amazon data for a leading British fashion house to engage a targeted US audience via Connected TV (CTV).

Vector is also launching with several commercial partners, including TSW, Passion Digital, PASHN, Active International, Rhapsody, and TMWi to fuel further growth.

TMWi CEO Chris Phillips said “We’re delighted to partner with Vector to help us and our clients, navigate the complexities of Amazon’s marketplace and elevate brands to new heights. It further enables us to embrace the digital revolution, combining unrivalled expertise with an important purpose-driven message and action.”

Committed to making a positive impact

Vector has a clear purpose to drive positive impact for both brands and the world around them; the founders Staines and Brown have partnered with to allocate a share of all of Vector’s revenue to fund essential ecological initiatives that remove carbon from the atmosphere and protect keystone biodiversity. Vector’s clients are also invited to match fund the planet-saving projects.

From launch, Vector will invest in sea turtle hatchling protection (a keystone marine species), regreening Africa via rainwater harvesting, and enhanced rock weathering, an innovative carbon removal method that applies up-cycled volcanic rock fines to actively managed land which, when activated by rainwater, kicks off a chemical process that traps CO₂.

Rupert Staines, CEO and co-founder Vector commented: “Retail media is the third and most powerful wave of digital marketing. The potential to leverage shopping behaviour directly from the world’s largest retailer promises to have a transformational impact on digital advertising, particularly with the impending deprecation of third-party cookies…

“That being said, embracing the Amazon ecosystem for digital marketing can be a minefield. So, we’ve launched Vector to unlock the full value of Amazon and the power of retail marketing for brands and their agencies. Our combined knowledge in this space, along with our robust partnerships, put us in a position to empower progressive marketers to lead in this arena. But what is also hugely important to us, is to create a movement where these marketers not only drive commercial success from their digital marketing, but also promote their companies’ sustainability goals. As every penny we are paid contributes to a more sustainable future.”

Gavin Sheppard, CEO at added: “For too long, corporate sustainability projects have concentrated on offsetting the environmental impact of brands. Vector founders Dan and Rupert are approaching this differently and changing what it means to operate as a prosperous, sustainable digital business. They’re trailblazing a more positive contribution model with Pinwheel, where the success and growth of Vector will empower them to drive forward our combined mission of repairing the planet. This is a solid commitment from a team that is determined to drive real impact, and I have full faith that they will inspire others to do the same.”