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Women’s clothing brand Pour Moi partners with Wunderkind to scale first party data

Lingerie and swimwear brand Pour Moi has partnered with Wunderkind, the performance marketing solution that scales one-to-one messages for retailers, to boost first-party data capture and optimise its owned channel engagement capabilities.

Launched in 2006 as a size inclusive lingerie brand, Pour Moi has rapidly expanded its offer into swimwear, sportswear, and women’s clothing.  Already working with wholesale retail partners including Next, Very, ASOS and Zalando, Pour Moi experienced significant growth of its Direct to Consumer (DTC) channel during the pandemic. In 2022, it posted a 154% increase in ecommerce website sales compared with 2019 figures and saw its DTC offer grow to account for 58% of its business. 

As its ambitious growth trajectory has continued, with an ongoing emphasis on DTC expansion, Pour Moi recognised the need to reinvigorate its owned channel performance. To do this, it wanted to grow and qualify its marketable customer data and email lists – seeking to optimise 1st party audience engagement, build deeper shopper relationships and support its growth targets.  Furthermore, it wanted to partner with a solution provider that could scale at the same pace as the business’ growth plans, something it felt its legacy system wasn’t able to effectively offer.

In this context, Pour Moi selected Wunderkind as its partner to help it scale and accelerate owned channel engagement.  The collaborative nature of the onboarding process made it clear that Wunderkind’s team would add significant expertise, as specialists in driving high-converting, behaviourally triggered, 1:1 messaging campaigns, both on-site and across key owned channels such as email. 

“From the very first conversations, the openness of the Wunderkind team was really refreshing – and it became clear very quickly that they were experts and specialists within this space,” Nicola Cosens, CMO at Pour MOI explained.  “This meant that on day one, we already felt confident we could achieve our ambitions and goals. Wunderkind had a great offer to begin with, but since then we’ve worked collaboratively to hone our forecasts and uplifts from an early stage.”

From a technology perspective, Wunderkind slotted neatly into Pour Moi’s tech stack, offering ease of integration and additional functionalities compared to the previous solution.  Leveraging Wunderkind’s proprietary Identity Network, Pour Moi will now be able to identify a much greater proportion of its non-logged-in website traffic, increase the rate at which it can capture new customers’ first-party data, and enhance brand-rich personalisation with shoppers on-site and via its email channel.

“We’re genuinely excited by our partnership with Wunderkind – we’d already seen the success other retail partners had experienced and wanted a piece of that success. Key for us will be working with Wunderkind to better understand who our customer is, what motivates her and how she wants to interact with our brand so we can create personal and curated customer journeys for each shopper,” Nicola Cosens, CMO at Pour Moi added.

Wulfric Light-Wilkinson, GM International at Wunderkind, commented: “Pour Moi has already seen phenomenal growth, thanks to its unique vision, values, and brand, as well as its retail offer and on-point ranging. By unlocking personalisation at scale, it can get to know and understand its customers even better, helping it to deliver the rich and relevant personalised shopping journeys needed to underpin growth. We’re really excited to drive guaranteed revenue and performance for them in this next phase of their journey.”


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