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Horizon Union launches The Beyond Programme providing creators with a support plan to build a career

Horizon Union, the creator-first esports organisation, today announced the launch of The Beyond Programme, a new initiative designed specifically to support and nurture creators as they progress through their careers at the company.

Currently worth an estimated $104.2 billion, the creator economy has seen rapid growth over the past two years, with the number of creators globally estimated to be around 23% of the global population. While this explosion of growth is enabling creators to monetise their content effectively, many work as freelancers and need more investment in career development or access to support facilities afforded to contracted employees.

“At Horizon, we are committed to ensuring that creators have access to professional resources, benefits, and support to help them progress as entrepreneurs while maintaining their autonomy and identity,” said Kieran Wood, Co-Founder & Operations and Commercial Lead at Horizon. “The development of the Beyond Programme has been a key project for the team over the last year. We are delighted to be bringing to the market a programme that makes us, as a business, accountable for nurturing talent across the creator community with full transparency.”

The Beyond Programme aims to provide Horizon’s creators with creator-led benefits and packages tailored to industry trends, development, and revenue-generating opportunities needed for creators at different stages of their careers. Under the scheme, creators are able to progress through four tiers Sunset Bronze, Sparkling Silver, Sun Gold, and Beyond Platinum. Within each tier, creators also benefit from bespoke services, such as mentoring, content strategy development, work/health and life balance services, and business strategy coaching, to name a few.

Commenting on the programme, creator QueenE said, “The Beyond Programme is a huge benefit to the creator community. No other organisation provides this level of commitment to supporting creators’ mental health. The relationship I have with Horizon is like no other, it’s truly symbiotic.

The Beyond Programme is a tangible resource for creators that embodies Horizon’s ‘creator-first’ approach, it is a big part of what sets Horizon apart from others that focus on profit over people.”

“Over the coming months and years, the creator economy is set to continue to grow exponentially. This was the perfect time for us to provide creators with a servicing product that is purposefully made to factor in both the growth and wellbeing of their careers and, most importantly, hold us accountable to delivering a unique service.” Said Wood.

The programme officially launched in June 2023 and is accessible to creators globally. Creators can find more information and apply to join the programme here.