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Instagram debuts ads in Reels

Facebook has begun testing a variety of ad products across its main platform and Instagram, including the introduction of ads to Instagram’s TikTok clone, Reels.

Instagram has launched a Reels ads test in India, Brazil, Germany, and Australia, with these tests set to roll out in more markets over the ‘coming months’. The ads on Reels will be similar to those that appear in Stories, being served vertically and in full-screen. Reels ads can be up to 30 seconds and, unlike Stories, can be commented on, liked, viewed, saved, shared, and skipped.

Facebook has also rolled out a global test of in-stream video topics, enabling advertisers to place ads in certain video topics through Ads Manager. This feature gives advertisers the ability to align their brand messaging within content that is contextually relevant to their target audience.

Video topics, powered by machine learning, are available to advertisers when they select the ‘in-stream only’ placement and brand objectives on their campaigns. Currently, there are more than 20 video topics and 700 sub-topics for advertisers to choose from.

Advertisers can also look forward to Facebook debuting sticker ads for Facebook Stories at some point in the ‘coming weeks’. The social network will run a test of sticker ads with select advertisers and creators.

Sticker ads will enable brands to create bespoke stickers to advertise their product or service, while creators will be able to place the stickers in their Facebook Stories and benefit from receive a portion of the revenue produced by that sticker.

According to an Ipsos study, cited by Facebook, Instagram and Facebook are the most popular video platforms for connecting with brands.


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