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Picture of Nike Air VaporMax trainers in augmented reality on TikTok

JD and Nike debut first UK TikTok AR shoe try-on

JD Sports, a leading UK trainer and sports fashion retailer, has teamed up with Nike and TikTok to launch the UK’s ‘first’ augmented reality (AR) shoe try-on, giving consumers the chance to virtually see how the new Nike Air VaporMax trainers will look on their feet. The AR try-on forms part of the #JDVaporMaxShuffle branded hashtag challenge.

JD – the first UK retailer to launch a campaign of this kind on the social video app – worked closely with TikTok’s Creative Lab to create the 3D AR branded effect, which enables any TikTok user to try on all three colourways of the Nike Air VaporMax trainers without having to leave the comfort of their homes.

JD and Nike have also created a bespoke track to accompany the hashtag challenge with the aim of encouraging people to move and interact with the AR shoe try-on effect. In fact, anyone who uses the hashtag #JDVaporMaxShuffle and moves their feet to the beat could win a year’s supply of Nike trainers.

Elsewhere, in entirely unrelated TikTok news, the app has partnered with Vimeo and Canva to help small businesses to streamline their ad production and creative.

Small businesses are now able to make use of Vimeo Create, an AI-driven video production tool that enables advertisers to produce and publisher ads directly into the TikTok Ad Manager; and Canva’s library of more than 50 TikTok ad templates.

“Small businesses are the heart and soul of our communities, and we’re always thinking of new ways to help them create, connect and thrive on TikTok,” said Melissa Yang, TikTok’s Head of Ecosystem Partnerships. “Our partnerships with Vimeo and Canva not only save time and streamline creative processes, but yield tangible results for small businesses owners looking to reach new audiences after such a challenging year.”