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Anything is Possible launches SearchShare brand tracking tool 

A new tool that uses search data to help measure brand and category share of search has been launched by Anything is Possible. 

According to recent research from The Institute of Practitioners in Advertising, ‘Share of Search’ data has a proven average correlation of 83% with ‘future share of market’ across more than 20 industries and 40 categories. The new tool, SearchShare, tracks Google search performance to compare multiple brands and competitors by town/city, county/state and country. By discovering a brand’s Share of Search quickly and easily, marketers can understand their market share and drive campaign effectiveness. Customised reports are automated to save time and create impact. 

Speaking to New Digital Age, Rob Keery, CMO at Anything is Possible, said:  “There’s a big conversation going on in the media industry right now around effectiveness and proving the impact of marketing campaigns on the bottom line. We agree with the IPA’s research that shows how search serves as an excellent proxy for intent. You can tell what the market is really thinking based on search behaviours – which often includes things that they wouldn’t show with their family or share in a survey or focus group setting.  

“We originally developed SearchShare as an in-house tool about 18 months ago, but we found it so useful and clients responded to it so well that we decided to make it available to the market for a monthly subscription fee.”

Anything is Possible’s Content Director, Mark Henshall, highlighted how SearchShare could prove a welcome tool for areas of the marketing mix where effectiveness has, traditionally, been more difficult to verify. He said: “PR agencies have always longed for a quick, easy way to show the link between the effectiveness of their great work and upswings in their clients’ KPIs. ShareSearch is the tool they’ve been waiting for. Likewise, the granularity of the search data available via Google’s API means that the impact of Out of Home campaigns in particular locations can also be measured.” 

Organisations currently using SearchShare include Imperial College Business School, Ordnance Survey, Best Western Hotels, Boundless, University of Hull and London Metropolitan University.