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Gen Z flocks to live streaming during latest lockdown

New data released by Gen Z livestreaming friendship app Yubo has revealed a 57% increase in time spent on live streams by its UK users over the first two months of 2021.

This follows a 550% increase in time spent on Yubo’s live streams over 2020, with the app reaching over 40 million users worldwide, with 5 million based in the UK alone.

Yubo recorded a 23% increase in daily live stream users over the January-February 2021 period and, also, a 135% increase in daily active users who participate in its Trivia game, which sees groups of Gen Zers compete against each other in livestream rooms.

As schools and universities remained closed across the UK over January to March, more and more GenZers have turned online to socialise. Yubo has found that UK users aged 21 – 24 are now spending over a full day a month on live streams, more than the average UK user spends on TikTok every month (19.6 hours in 2020).

23-year-olds spend the most time on live streams out of all ages averaging 26.5 hours a month, closely followed by 22-year-olds (25.6 hours), 21-year-olds (25.5 hours), 24-year-olds (25.3 hours). 19-year-olds are the only teens that spend over a day a month on live streams, averaging around 24.3 hours a month.

By contrast, 14 and 15-year-olds spend the least amount of time on live streams a month, with 14-year-olds averaging 11.3 hours a month and 15-year-olds 16 hours a month.

The app found the UK cities spending most time on live streams are London, Birmingham, Manchester, Nottingham and Bristol.