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Google launches AI training for UK marketers

In response to seeing search interest in artificial intelligence (AI) increase by 300% in the last year, Google has launched a training module dedicated to the technology.

The free Marketing Strategy & AI training module, available to everyone in the UK, has been introduced to help people and businesses tap into the £400 billion Google expects AI to add to the UK economy by 2030.

Debbie Weinstein, MD & VP of Google UK, who launched the training module in her keynote speech at the Advertising Association’s flagship conference, LEAD 2024, said: “We believe that AI technology provides the potential for the UK to find fresh sources of growth, new ways to enhance productivity, and to create opportunities that are genuinely accessible to everyone. To do this, we need to make sure everyone is equipped with the skills and tools they need to harness the technology.

“That’s why I am delighted to announce a new addition to our AI skills training programme, with a free online course especially focused on marketing and how to navigate this rapidly evolving digital landscape. We’re excited to bring this new module to the marketing community.”

Google’s one-hour training module aims to help people and businesses to gain practical skills and knowledge around AI, particularly looking at giving marketers and business leaders the confidence to optimise data through measurement, earn consumer trust, and better connect with customers.

The module, which forms part of the ‘New Fundamentals’ training series by Google Digital Garage, will explore how AI is changing the marketing landscape and the opportunities this presents, AI-powered marketing tools for marketers to try, and how digital marketing strategies can be supercharged.

“It is very apparent from the AA’s work with the AI Taskforce, co-chaired by Google, that there is a tremendous opportunity to boost productivity through the responsible use of AI in advertising,” said Stephen Woodford, Chief Executive at the Advertising Association. “Central to achieving that is ensuring that we invest in the industry’s talent base to be fully equipped with how best to deploy this transformational technology, especially given the pace of change. Training is everything, and this new free course is a very helpful addition to efforts to make sure advertising and marketing professionals know how to get the very best from this technology.”