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Live streaming is fast becoming an experiential marketing mainstay

As every business gets to grips with the new normal, and prepares to emerge from it, New Digital Age has launched a series featuring tips on best practice for success.

Adam Heyhurst, Head of Broadcast at Amplify and previously UK Events Editor at the BBC

As social distancing has, for now at least, put physically attended brand experiences on pause, live streaming is rapidly become a mainstay for anyone involved in experience marketing.

But there’s still a rife misconception in the industry that live streaming can be quickly added into the mix as a bolt-on, an approach that inevitably leads to a less engaging experience. 

Now that live streams stand to be the primary, and in some cases only, vehicle for marketing messages, arbitrarily pointing a camera at a pre-Covid brand experience plan will cut through the contemporary cacophony as effectively as popping outside and shouting about it.

So best practice for brand experiences agencies, both now and beyond the pandemic, is to design events specifically around live-streaming requirements.

This means on-boarding broadcast and content experts at the very beginning of the creative development process and ensuring the live content offer weaves symbiotically into the fabric of the event.

Content-first thinking often changes the course of events for the better.

Brands need to choose agency partners wisely and utterly trust they’re set up to deliver engaging live streams by making sure they’re experienced in using the technology to create a moment in time that holds the collective attention of the audience.


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