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Quantcast unveils intelligent audience platform to ‘level the playing field’ on the Open Internet

Global adtech company Quantcast has launched an intelligent audience platform to support brands, agencies and publishers transact advertising on the open internet in a privacy-first world.

Powered by the company’s patented AI and machine learning engine, Ara™, the new Quantcast Platform draws on data from more than 100M online destinations, one of the world’s largest unique real-time data sets. Ara creates predictive models that interpret live data to provide an up to-the-second understanding of audience insights and behaviours, automatically adjusting thousands of parameters to drive positive outcomes.

Konrad Feldman, co-founder and CEO of Quantcast, said of the launch: “As champions of a free and open internet, we believe in levelling the playing field for brands, agencies and publishers and eliminating the advantages currently wielded by the walled gardens. We are bringing together our technology leadership in measurement and insights, programmatic advertising, privacy and consent management into a single unified, easy-to-use platform to serve the needs of our customers around the world, and to benefit the open internet.

“Our AI engine Ara frees up marketers’ time and allows them to delve into audience psychographics, analyse campaigns with intuitive visualizations, and experiment with new audiences, creatives and campaign strategies.”

In addition to the data from more than 100M online destinations, the platform can be augmented with first-party data from customers’ marketing systems instead of relying on third-party data that may be outdated and irrelevant.

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