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Vevo partners with KERV for shoppable ad experiences on CTV

Vevo, the world’s leading music video network, has announced a partnership with KERV Interactive, the leader in AI-powered video analysis, performance and monetisation, to bring new ad formats to Vevo’s global CTV portfolio. This partnership will include the Vevo TV app and 20 linear FAST (Free Ad-Supported Streaming TV) channels, spanning over 35 distribution partners worldwide.  

Advertisers on Vevo will now have access to KERV’s ad suite that enhances TV engagement via second-screen experiences, which can be tailored to a brand’s specific campaign goals. For example, an ad on Vevo can feature a dynamic QR code which, when scanned, generates a carousel to explore and purchase items on mobile devices. 

“With shoppable ad experiences proliferating across the biggest screens in the living room, music videos serve as a connective bridge to influence – enabling brands to reach and engage with passionate audiences in new ways while prioritising the viewer experience,” said Rob Christensen, EVP, Global Sales at Vevo. “By transforming ad breaks into natively embedded, customisable experiences, our partnership with KERV is complementary to our CTV programming. As Vevo continues to expand monetisation efforts worldwide, we’re helping brands simplify the path to purchase and drive real-time, outcome-based connections between brands, consumers, culture and commerce.”

Available across Vevo’s CTV portfolio, advertisers can optimise campaign creative based on KERV’s patented AI and IR (image-recognition) technology that identifies contextually relevant marketing moments, as well as its first-party content metadata that enables the personalisation of creative based on viewer interests, location, contextual triggers, and more. 

“We’re proud to be working with Vevo to provide AI-powered CTV solutions that will reimagine how advertisers engage with streaming audiences – all in a turnkey, streamlined way,” said Brad Quinn, Vice President, Publisher Partnerships at KERV. “As brands continue to seek out new technology to connect with their audiences in a more personalised manner, this partnership positions Vevo as an innovative leader – providing a lean-in experience for viewers and tangible outcomes for brands.”