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Digital Poverty Alliance launches Charter for Digital Inclusion

The Digital Poverty Alliance (DPA) has launched its Charter for Digital Inclusion and updated its National Delivery Plan (NDP), calling for affordable connectivity and wider access to digital services across the UK.

Ahead of the upcoming general election, the DPA’s updated NDP focuses on critical areas like advancing the affordability of connectivity and enhancing media literacy in the context of the rising use of AI. 

Healthcare is another core priority, exploring the intersection of healthcare access and digital exclusion, with a focus on potentially saving thousands of lives through enhanced health literacy among seniors.

The newly introduced Charter for Digital Inclusion has already garnered support across various sectors, calling on organisations of all sizes to commit to actionable goals, promoting digital inclusivity. The call for action is for organisations to commit to three or more goals on raising awareness, accessible services, device donation, digital skills development, and partnership for impact.

The Charter initiative highlights the DPA’s commitment to fostering robust partnerships and securing pledges that lead to tangible results.

Elizabeth Anderson, CEO of the Digital Poverty Alliance, emphasised, “This crucial election year intensifies our determination. We are advocating to ensure the voices of those impacted by digital poverty influence policy decisions.

We also recognise that no one sector can end digital poverty alone, so launching our Charter for Digital Inclusion at this time is a strategic call to action for every organisation to embed digital inclusivity within how they work.”

The Charter and NDP announced their updated National Delivery Plan, at the historic Fratry Hall within Carlisle Cathedral. The NDP is a roadmap that highlights the potential of new technologies, such as roaming and mesh networks to address longstanding challenges in connectivity and affordability.

The updated NDP from last year’s launch is informed by the latest research and extensive stakeholder feedback, focusing on critical areas like improving the affordability of connectivity and enhancing media literacy in the context of the rising use of AI.

“Digital access is essential,” Anderson stated. “Every facet of our lives incorporates a digital element, and the only way to address this pervasive issue is through collective effort. It is imperative that digital inclusion becomes a universal priority.”

The Charter has been supported by the likes of Phoenix Group plc – encompassing Standard Life and SunLife, Currys plc, Midlands Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust, and the Central District Alliance within London.  Any employer with more than two team members can sign up to the Charter for Digital Inclusion to show their commitment to tackling digital poverty and supporting social equity.

The Charter for Digital Inclusion is available at: Charter for Digital Inclusion – Digital Poverty Alliance

The National Delivery Plan is available at: National Delivery Plan 2024 – Digital Poverty Alliance