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Building Rome in a day with Amazon Business

Ancient Rome gets a helping hand from Amazon Business in a campaign launched today.

Joint’s new campaign looks back on one of history’s greatest civilisations and imagines how much more those Romans could have achieved had they only had the right business partner.

We see an ancient Roman ponder what to do, before he’s hit with a brainwave: why not build Rome – in a day? And with a little help from Amazon Business, he only goes and does it. The story continues online, with an accompanying social campaign giving an insight into what goes on in the background when you’re building an entire city by EOP.

A Joint spokesperson said: “Created with the help of the brilliant Scott Lyon, Joint would like to thank Outsider, Work Editorial, ETC and 750mph for helping us weave together the sights and sounds of ancient Rome – all set to the rhythm of ‘Watch Out Now’ by The Beatnuts.

“In a crowded category, where few brands offer something different to their customers, Joint has relished the challenge of creating a campaign that speaks to a more compelling, human side of business.”

The launch will also include a national OOH campaign, a full suite of social and digital assets, and a marquee placement in the Wall Street Journal.