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JCDecaux Programmatic DOOH Live Awards: Judge Alice Miller talks OOH industry

JCDecaux and New Digital Age (NDA) have partnered to stage the Programmatic DOOH Live Awards on 24 April 2024 in London. The Awards will feature a unique judging process, with a panel of expert judges assessing the entries in front of a live audience.

Ahead of the event, NDA caught with up the judges to get a feel for their personal take on the market for programmatic DOOH in 2024. Here, Alice Miller, Head of Programmatic & Display at Manning Gottlieb OMD (MG OMD) shares her thoughts…

What do you see as the primary benefits of programmatic activation in OOH?

I would say it mirrors the benefits seen on programmatic activation across other channels – enhanced targeting precision, real-time campaign optimisations, increased flexibility and agility in campaign management and the ability to reach consumers with relevant messaging in the right time and place.

Where can the OOH industry learn from the mistakes made by other channels in programmatic activation?

Prioritising transparency, data privacy compliance, brand safety measures, and fostering collaboration between clients, agencies, DSPs & OOH media owners to ensure ethical and effective use of data. Coming in after GDPR makes it a little easier to get right from the get go and not have to back track!

What are the biggest challenges in audience targeting and campaign measurement in digital OOH and how are they being overcome?

Ensuring targeting and measurement is able to meet the rigorous standards put on other digital channels. Obviously being a 1-many rather than 1-1 channel there is always going to be differences in how people are targeted and how campaigns are measured, but I think it is important for the OOH industry to ensure it is pushing itself to remain comparable with the capabilities of other channels in order to remain a competitive player in the programmatic space. Advancements in data analytics and audience profiling, and establishing common standards, should help over the next few years.

Find out more about the award categories and entry requirements here.