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World’s first global 3D Digital OOH campaign to appear on Europe’s largest screen

A groundbreaking 3D digital out-of-home (DOOH) campaign for Maybelline’s Falsies Surreal Extensions Mascara has made its debut on Europe’s largest screen, in Ukraine’s capital Kyiv.

The four-thousand square metre screen located on the outside of Gulliver shopping mall, with over 12 million pixels and a 140-degree viewing angle towers over the busy square near to Palats Sportu metro station.

In collaboration with, Kinetic, and EssenceMediacomX, the campaign made history as the largest 3D campaign in terms of scale in any market ever seen when it launched in June. Since then, the campaign’s reach has extended across continents, forging partnerships with media owners and pioneering 3D content for the first time in many countries. This global reach has spanned nations such as the UK, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Australia, Canada, France, Serbia, and Ukraine.

The ad stars ‘May’, Maybelline’s inaugural avatar, the first-ever global brand asset conceived by out-of-home specialists. Primarily designed for utilisation in out-of-home advertising, she subsequently extended to other platforms, including Maybelline’s international TikTok and Instagram social media profiles. The deployment of this dynamic virtual ‘influencer’ showcases the continuous innovation at the forefront of the beauty industry.

‘May’ made her debut in the UK, initially gracing over 280 sites across both small and large format screens. What also sets this campaign apart is its transformative impact on OOH campaigns. The deployment of ‘May’ expanded to thousands of screens worldwide, showcasing the mascara’s lash transformation, in 3D. These screens spanned various locations, including shopping malls, high streets, and dynamic railway environments, marking a significant milestone in the evolution of 3D campaigns in the out-of-home advertising space.

This campaign pushed the limits and raised the standards of where 3D DOOH technology could be employed, ensuring that ‘May’ and the product appeared to burst through the screen, regardless of the surroundings and the viewer’s vantage point.

To ensure the best viewing capabilities in each location, the team at personally visited thousands of digital DOOH screens worldwide, tweaking the visuals so each campaign delivered the best 3D effect, no matter the screen size or angle. For many of the ads in this campaign, it marked the first time 3D content was shown in these countries.

Initially conceived as a campaign focused solely on the UK market, the success and impact of the campaign left an impression on Maybelline’s global teams, leading to international expansion.

Andrew Phipps Newman, CEO and Co-founder at said, “Our Falsies Surreal Extensions OOH campaign, conceived and executed within a remarkable two-month timeframe, not only harnessed the immersive potential of 3D DOOH to captivate and engage our target audience, but it also achieved an extraordinary milestone in the heart of Kyiv, on Europe’s largest screen.

“This entire campaign’s strength, adaptability and creativity have made it an incredible project to work on and the results speak for themselves. Extensive independent research has proven that 3D DOOH is 3.5 times more effective on direct sales than 2D creative. The campaign also created a new brand asset in May, which then went global across multiple media channels.

“This achievement underscores the honour we felt as our ad graced the screens in the centre of Kyiv, making it a pivotal moment in our campaign’s journey.”

Liliia Shyshkova, Brand Manager, Maybelline New York, L’Oreal Ukraine said, “As the client, we were elated to witness our extraordinary visual DOOH campaign unfold on the immense screens at the Gulliver shopping mall, strategically located at the heart of Kyiv and serving as a bustling high-traffic hub.

“The scale of these screens, twice the size of London’s renowned Piccadilly display, exceeded our expectations and provided the perfect stage for our creative vision. Our campaign, supporting Maybelline New York mascara, The Falsies Surreal, featured the enchanting Avatar May as the main model, infusing innovation into every pixel. Seeing May’s larger-than-life presence in this prominent Kyiv landmark, our excitement soared. This campaign not only exceeded our aspirations but also underscored the captivating power of visual storytelling.

“What makes this even more remarkable is that this campaign marks a triumphant return for Maybelline New York in the world of OOH advertising, a bold statement of resilience and creativity in the face of the full-scale Russian invasion. Despite the challenging times, we’ve come together to create something exceptional, reminding the world of our unwavering commitment to beauty and innovation.”