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Nano talks self-service in the post-cookie world

By Nikky Hudson, Programmatic Solutions Director, Nano Interactive

In 2021, Nano Interactive created a Self-Serve solution, giving clients the opportunity to tap into our unique, ID- and cookie-free real-time dataset.

The service includes the following main features: Nano’s intent data, its advanced contextual segments, alongside historical performance. All of which add up to two things. Control and transparency. The ability for advertisers to deliver high performing contextual campaigns from start to finish.

Going one step further, the internal insights team have built dashboards allowing us to provide pre-, mid- and post-campaign analytics going beyond ‘data only’ to provide insights that advertisers can take meaningful next steps with.

Why It’s Important

Cookie and post-cookie ID solutions each by their own admission don’t offer complete coverage of the online population. Even Google’s own Sandbox offering will only ever cover those of us who use Chrome. All of which means a patchwork of approaches is required. Nano’s solution is different. It allows brands to connect with their audience across the entire open web without any proxy for identification, delivering incremental reach.

Trading teams can use Nano’s proprietary technology to assess the suitability of every single impression to deliver a campaign’s KPI. They can also use Nano data while making in flight changes according to their client’s needs and brand protocols. All of which occurs with complete transparency over costs incurred. And by switching from post-bid verification reporting to pre-bid, this could account for up to 20% of impressions returning to them.

How it Works

Trading teams can set up campaigns whenever they choose. Nano remains 100% agnostic, with live intent data and contextual relevance targeting available through any DSP, using Deal IDs to connect.

Nano’s Self-Serve account management team act as an extension of the client’s own, with 15+ years of experience in the programmatic space, and best-in-class support to help clients achieve their campaign goals.

What’s Next

Many advertisers are already running cookie-free campaigns – and not just the ones working with Nano. For our part, brand uplift and ad recall results are both especially encouraging when compared to traditional cookie-driven activity.

Our customers are continuing to experiment with metrics and campaign measurement – with a particular focus on attention bringing important results.

To sum up, Nano’s machine learning and AI works to combine data from three key areas – intent data, advanced contextual segments and historical performance – to deliver the best results for campaign activity in the real time, pre-bid space.

From attention metrics to sentiment, to Self-Serve itself, Nano believes distinctive campaign tech and tactics mark the way to future success.