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JCDecaux Programmatic DOOH Live Awards: judge Michelle Sarpong of the7stars shares her advice

JCDecaux and New Digital Age (NDA) have partnered to stage the Programmatic DOOH Live Awards on 24 April 2024 in London (deadline for entries is 22 March). Here, event judge Michelle Sarpong, Commercial Lead at the7stars, shares her thoughts on the latest developments in out-of-home advertising and outlines what she believes would make a strong award entry…

 How quickly are budgets shifting to programmatic OOH and where are they coming from?

We’re witnessing positive movements around budgets moving towards Programmatic Out-of-Home (PrOOH) advertising, which is an exciting shift in the advertising landscape. However, this transition isn’t progressing as swiftly as it could. We’re currently navigating the ‘test and learn’ phase of this dynamic channel, where the true extent of its creative and data capabilities is being uncovered.

The pace of adoption is poised to escalate dramatically as more suppliers embrace an omnichannel approach, delivering robust PrOOH solutions. This evolution promises to unlock unprecedented speed and efficiency in campaign execution, propelling PrOOH into the forefront of modern advertising strategies.

Notably, budgets are being redirected from traditional OOH channels, where the decline in paper and paste sites is becoming increasingly evident along with increased legislation. Simultaneously, digital advertising budgets are being tapped into, particularly by suppliers offering compelling PrOOH solutions. This convergence of resources underscores the undeniable allure and potential of PrOOH advertising, making it an indispensable component of any forward-thinking marketing plan.

 What do you see as the primary benefits of programmatic activation in OOH?

Speed and Flexibility: PrOOH allows for quick activation of advertising campaigns and provides ease in switching creative content. This agility is particularly advantageous in today’s fast-paced digital landscape where content needs to be adapted and updated frequently to remain relevant.

Dynamic Creativity: PrOOH offers vast creative capabilities, matching those available in social media, digital, and video advertising. This means advertisers can create more engaging and interactive campaigns that capture audience attention effectively.

Strategic Data Integration: PrOOH enables the integration of strategic and tactical data into out-of-home advertising plans. This data-led approach enhances targeting capabilities and allows for more personalized and relevant messaging, addressing a common limitation of traditional OOH advertising.

By leveraging these advantages, PrOOH becomes a compelling addition to marketing plans, offering a blend of speed, creativity, and data-driven targeting that traditional OOH advertising may lack.

Where can the OOH industry learn from the mistakes made by other channels in programmatic activation?

In order for the PrOOH industry to truly thrive and reach its full potential, it’s imperative that we prioritize alignment in measurement and reporting standards. When there’s a proliferation of varying methodologies, the integrity of the channel is compromised, leading to inconsistency and a loss of credibility and value.

To address this challenge, it’s essential for all stakeholders—both buyers and sellers—to come together and establish a cohesive Programmatic Out-of-Home (PrOOH) framework. By collectively defining the best buying routes based on client or agency objectives and KPIs, we can ensure that every campaign is strategically tailored for success.

Moreover, we must carefully deliberate on the allocation of PrOOH budgets. Should they be drawn from traditional OOH budgets, digital budgets, or digital video budgets? This strategic decision-making process is reminiscent of the challenges currently faced in the Connected TV (CTV) landscape.

By proactively addressing these issues and fostering alignment and collaboration across the industry, we can elevate the stature of PrOOH advertising and unlock its full potential as a powerful and indispensable component of modern marketing strategies. This concerted effort will not only enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of PrOOH campaigns but also solidify its position as a cornerstone of the advertising ecosystem.

What are you looking for from the award entries?

I’m looking for campaigns that boldly embrace the frontier of Programmatic Out-of-Home (PrOOH), showcasing an unwavering commitment to innovation and effectiveness. These campaigns should seamlessly weave together data-driven insights, meticulous measurement strategies, and creative brilliance to deliver unparalleled impact. I’m excited to witness campaigns that epitomize forward thinking—ones that transcend conventional boundaries and pioneer new standards in PrOOH execution, campaigns that are not satisfied with merely reaching audiences but they aspire to deeply engage and resonate with their audience on a profound level.

In summary I’m seeking campaigns that strike a balance between driving tangible business results and fostering meaningful connections with consumers. These are campaigns will fully demonstrate the understand the close relationship between ROI and brand affinity,and will excel at delivering on both fronts.

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