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JCDecaux Programmatic Live Awards: event judge Ollie Shayer of Boots shares his tips for success

JCDecaux and New Digital Age (NDA) have partnered to stage the Programmatic DOOH Live Awards on 24 April 2024 in London (deadline for entries is 22 March). Here, event judge Ollie Shayer, Omni-Media Director of Boots UK, shares his thoughts on the latest developments in programmatic out-of-home advertising and outlines what he believes would make a strong award entry…

What do you see as the primary benefits of programmatic activation in OOH?

The primary benefits of programmatic activation in OOH has to be the chance to step change relevancy for the consumer, keeping the one to many benefits of the medium but enhancing with targeting precision, real-time adaptability, and hence improved campaign efficiency. Programmatic OOH enables advertisers to reach specific audience segments, optimise content in real-time, and hence achieve a higher return on investment compared to traditional static OOH campaigns.

Where can the OOH industry learn from the mistakes made by other channels in programmatic activation?

The OOH industry can learn from other channels’ mistakes by prioritising transparency and establishing clear industry standards. Learning from instances where transparency issues led to mistrust, the DOOH sector can proactively address concerns related to fraud, viewability, and data privacy to build a more sustainable programmatic ecosystem

 How can digital OOH fit into clients’ existing attribution and effectiveness models?

Digital OOH can integrate into an advertisers existing attribution and effectiveness models by incorporating unique identifiers and also considering geo-testing to show effectiveness. Utilising unique identifiers could be done by using geo-fenced data from consumers married with loyalty card data to show the effect of exposure to purchase. Linking this DOOH exposure data with online browsing behaviour and loyalty card data allow for a view of online consumer behaviour as well and a holistic view of the customer journey. This alignment facilitates more accurate attribution modelling, enabling advertisers to measure the impact of digital OOH campaigns in conjunction with other marketing channels.

What are you looking for from the award entries ?

I am seeking award entries that exemplify innovation, creativity, and measurable impact. I am particularly interested in submissions that illustrate the optimal use of the medium, showcasing effective data use, real-time adaptability, and a comprehensive understanding of audience engagement.

Successful campaigns will not only emphasise achievements in programmatic activation but also offer valuable insights into overcoming challenges and pushing the boundaries of what is achievable in the dynamic landscape of Digital OOH advertising.

Find out more about the award categories and entry requirements.

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