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Ozone reveals initial test results of its ‘Premium Web Methodology’

Ozone – the premium digital advertising platform built for brands by publishers – has announced results of the first  testing of its ‘Premium Web Methodology’, conducted by PwC. Six years to the day since the alliance’s launch, Ozone is providing a best practice framework for success in the first-party web and has commissioned PwC to test the operating principles that underpin Ozone’s platform.

The first chapter of the ‘Premium Web Methodology’ testing draws on three central tenets for future growth; Privacy Protection, Addressability and Impact Validation. The first of these, Privacy Protection, focuses on the need to ensure the security of a user’s data is never undermined. Secondly, Addressability examines Ozone’s capability to accurately target valuable audiences in the age of the first-party web and when third-party cookies are no longer available. Finally, Impact Validation aims to review the methodology of Ozone’s proprietary measurements of incremental revenue for publishers.

To quantify these three areas at the heart of the ‘Premium Web Methodology’, PwC conducted four distinct tests in the first chapter of the work that confirm the following:

  • Ozone has the contractual rights to use its publisher partners’ first-party data;
  • Ozone has the correct audience data consents in place;
  • Ozone can address individuals – across browsers, devices and publishers – 83% of the time in tested cookieless environments ;
  • Ozone’s ‘Always On Measurement’ – which measures incremental publisher value – is designed effectively.     

In addition, the second chapter of the ‘Premium Web Methodology’ testing is currently nearing completion and will evaluate Ozone’s accuracy in audience segmentation and addressability in a post third-party cookie world.

Ozone will publish both chapters on its website in the near future, with a release date to be confirmed soon.                                                               

Damon Reeve, CEO at Ozone, said, “Following an intensive six-month project with PwC, we’re delighted to be able to unveil the first findings from the ‘Premium Web Methodology’ testing. Since Ozone’s launch six years ago, the concepts of transparency and integrity have been built into everything we do. At a time when digital advertising is experiencing significant change and will be under increased pressure to demonstrate its value in the media mix, having our business operations independently tested sets Ozone and the Premium Web further apart from the open programmatic ecosystem. We believe this initiative will provide our partners – both on the brand and publisher side – with the reassurance that Ozone is primed to help them navigate a new digital future in the first-party web.”

Adam Edelshain, Director, PwC said, “Our testing confirmed that Ozone’s methodology enables the addressing of audiences across premium publishers in a third-party cookieless world. Ozone’s decision to open themselves up to third party testing is to be commended. Transparency is essential in supporting advertisers in reaching the right audiences, in the right context, at the right time.”