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What you need to read today: Mozilla-Meta privacy collab, The Trade Desk’s path to publishers, and more

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Mozilla and Meta collaborate on privacy-preserving attribution solution

Despite Mozilla’s long-standing criticism of Facebook, the two companies have co-developed a measurement solution for the post-cookie, post-IDFA world — drawing ire from privacy advocates.



Google And IAB Europe Are Losing Data Privacy Lawsuits In The EU, But What Does It Mean?

Legal and court losses are piling up across Europe for American ad tech companies – and for Google.


AdExchanger – What’s Really Going On In The Privacy Sandbox?

The Privacy Sandbox was launched by Google’s Chrome team in 2019 as a test bed for ideas.



OpenPath To Offer DSPs A Direct Path To Publishers; Walgreens Launches Self-Serve Solution

A new product called OpenPath apparently allows advertisers to directly connect to a handful of enterprise publishers, effectively cutting out Google Open Bidding (and everyone else) in the process.