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Kantar and Adsquare team up to boost local advertising effectiveness

Kantar’s TGI consumer data team has partnered with location intelligence company Adsquare to help brands build highly targeted, cookie-less and ID-free localised advertising campaigns in Great Britain and France.

Advertisers can now pinpoint audiences in specific locations with Kantar’s TGI data set – which paints a detailed picture of consumers’ behaviours, attitudes, and media consumption – and use these directly in digital campaigns.

The collaboration means planning teams and media buyers can maximise clients’ investment by focusing campaigns to distinct audiences in the places where ad spend will have the greatest impact. The new geo-targeted audiences are available across a range of online data management and demand-side platforms, with brands also able to advertise to people through their mobiles and out-of-home assets.  The audience segments are entirely privacy secure, enabling ID-free targeting based on GDPR-compliant, opt-in consumer data. 

Sarah Sanderson, Managing Director for Kantar TGI, said: “As the deprecation of cookies draws closer, brands, agencies and media owners are seeking new, privacy-friendly ways to reach consumers. Thanks to this partnership with Adsquare, we are enhancing Kantar TGI’s capabilities again to plug the gap – allowing advertisers to engage local audiences right down to the postcode level to transform campaign efficiency. 

“Using Kantar TGI, brands can drill down into the audiences that really matter to them, with a wealth of detail about consumers.  From people who enjoy ready meals, to those who like to pay for things using crypto, there is a richness of insight across behaviours and attitudes that advertisers can leverage to deliver highly targeted and effective marketing.”

Tom Laband, CEO & Co-Founder at Adsquare, commented: “This partnership opens up a huge variety of new opportunities for anyone seeking to target almost any kind of consumer audience which offers greatest impact without the use of online identifiers. As specialists in audience and location data, we are delighted to expand our offering to include Kantar’s TGI consumer data, giving our clients additional options for ID-free targeting solutions.”


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