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Hands up, who trusts influencers?

Toby Britton, Co-founder and CEO at Miappi answered this question at this month’s The 99//Club Digital Festival, and found the answer to be just 4% of us, according to research by Universal McCann.

Would you rather hear from an influencer or someone like you? Toby suggests that brands are better off listening to the consumer voice and leveraging it in order to achieve true authenticity and a high level of trust from customers.

In his 99 second talk below he discusses how brands can best utilise influencer marketing going forward and why nano-influencers could be the answer.

NDA will be publishing highlights from the Festival, run in partnership with MAD//Fest, over the coming weeks.

The week-long invite-only festival was a collaboration between MAD//Fest and New Digital Age. Over the course of five days 99 speakers debated topics across themes including media and tech, customer experience and personalisation, brand experience and creativity and innovation for growth.


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